Xiaomi Chromebook? Why the invasion of the lamebook niche hasn’t happened yet

That’s why Xiaomi hasn’t released its Chromebook yet.

Chromebooks are very popular overseas, but there are still countries and manufacturers that are cool about them. But they are compact, inexpensive and cope with most tasks without problems. It would seem that Xiaomi would be interested in the release of chromebooks, because they meet the company’s philosophy of offering decent products for little money. Moreover, she has already gained experience in the production of laptops, which have been in her portfolio for four years now and are selling quite well in China and India.

Chrome OS, undoubtedly, has both obvious disadvantages and undeniable advantages. But anyway, why doesn’t Xiaomi try to make an inexpensive and compact Chromebook? This question was asked by the journalist of the Androidcentral edition of the head of the division of the company in India Ragh Reddy. To which the answer was received that the company did not release Chromebooks due to problems related to penetration into this segment of products.


Chromebooks are more common in foreign markets, such as the United States, where a fairly large number of models are presented. At the same time, the bulk of sales falls on wholesale purchases for the needs of educational or other institutions. According to Raghu Reddy, Xiaomi is still a young brand in the laptop niche and continues to explore the features of this product category. Initially, they want to understand all the intricacies of this business, and then conquer a new segment of devices for themselves.

At the same time, the top manager of the company did not rule out that the chromebook will appear in its portfolio of devices. But this is a distant prospect. At this stage, Chromebooks are not as common in markets where Xiaomi is strong. So, in China, these devices are useless due to the lack of Google services, and in India, these gadgets are not popular. Now the priority is to increase your own presence in the niche of laptops on Windows.