Wladimir Van Der Laan takes a step back to promote the decentralization of Bitcoin (BTC)

The myth of decentralization: even Bitcoin (BTC) is not! Wladimir Van der Laan has become a bottleneck for Bitcoin centralization despite himself. He now wants to stay in the shadows to improve the decentralization of the BTC network.


He centralizes Bitcoin on his own

Maintainer of Bitcoin Core , Wladimir Van der Laan , decided to limit themselves to a “second plan” role in order to further decentralize the project.

Bitcoin Core is the key software underlying the network BTC . Although Van der Laan ‘s job is primarily that of a “janitor”, making sure the project code runs smoothly, he is seen as a kind of leader by the community BTC .

Van der Laan himself claims that he has become something of a “centralized bottleneck”.

This announcement comes after the January 21, 2021 controversy surrounding the Bitcoin whitepaper .

Some users criticized Van der Laan ‘s decision to withdraw the whitepaper > Bitcoin from bitcoincore.org , following legal threats from Craig Wright .

Van der Laan however indicated that he had already been thinking about his decision to withdraw from Core for a while.


The long road to decentralization

The decision of Van der Laan aims to improve the decentralization of Bitcoin . Other moves in favor of this decentralization took place in 2020.

Crypto companies have offered grants to developers working full-time on the BTC protocol.

OKCoin finances Marco Falke , who is the most active developer on the maintenance of “commits” – code changes successfully added to the project .

Bitcoin Core contributor, John Newbery , started the nonprofit Brink to fund more developers and get more involved of contributors.

Van der Laan also presented other ideas to decentralize Bitcoin.

He thus suggested transferring the ownership of bitcoincore.org to an organization. Bitcoincore.org is one of the major websites where users can download new versions of the code for Bitcoin Core . It is for the moment a private and centralized site.

The “stars” which attract the limelight are the natural enemies of decentralization. Should Bitcoin supporters on Twitter also stop trying to positively influence the price of BTC there to better decentralize BTC? Decentralization or the dream of an egalitarian world belonging to no one but belonging to everyone.