Windows 11 is available for download 1 day early: what’s new

Microsoft is offering the final version of Windows 11 for free for all users to download, one day early. Here are the new features of the operating system that succeeds Windows 10. This one is not abandoned, at least not right away. Microsoft will support it with security updates until October 14, 2025

New interface for Windows 11

The first thing that jumps out about Windows 11 is the new interface, with the taskbar icons now in the center of the screen. But those who want to can go back to the old format with the icons on the left. All you have to do is go to the Windows 11 settings.


As for the notification center on the right side of the taskbar, Microsoft has taken care of redesigning the interface to differentiate each element well.

On the other hand, Microsoft takes advantage of Windows 11 to make adjustments to the interface, including new icons and rounded corners. This is the case for example on the contextual menu.


Note that there are regressions compared to Windows 10. For example, it is not possible to drag and drop a document on an icon so that the software of the icon in question opens it. It is also not possible to drag an icon onto the taskbar to add it as a shortcut.

Changes to the Start menu

The Start menu is evolving and highlights the applications on the upper part and the documents on the lower part. This is also an opportunity to draw a line on the tiles that existed on Windows 10.


A new version of the settings

The settings section of Windows 11 changes its interface completely. It is clearer than before, with the sections now on the left in the form of a list.

The Microsoft Store has undergone an important evolution

There is a visual change and especially a change in the Microsoft Store policy. Microsoft now accepts all types of applications/software. This includes the software that we download today from the Internet. We will also find third-party stores, such as the Epic Games Store. Microsoft’s goal is to have a single place to download anything. Also, developers can use their own payment system instead of Microsoft’s. In this case, they get 100% of the money. Microsoft does not take any commission.


Microsoft Teams invites itself by default on Windows 11

The Microsoft Teams communication tool is installed by default. Microsoft is betting a lot on it and wants to make life easier for users, who won’t need to download it. It is present directly on the taskbar. Note that it launches automatically when Windows 11 starts.

Windows 11 is better for gaming

Windows 11 includes support for Auto HDR. This feature takes care of improving titles designed under DirectX 11 or higher that previously offered only SDR, to automatically add HDR. Also, there is support for DirectStorage. Games can load their data to the graphics card, without interfering with the CPU. In addition, Game Pass is on board to access many games for a monthly fee.

Layout Anchoring

With Layout Anchor, Microsoft wants to allow users to quickly insert applications into different modes. This is a useful way to support multiple monitors and ensure that applications always open on the right screen.

Lighter updates for Windows 11

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 updates are 40% lighter than those for Windows 10. They are also presented as being more efficient because they now run in the background, again according to Microsoft.

Better for use with a touch screen

There are new gestures for switching between apps, improvements for resizing with a stylus or finger, and much more. These new gestures are combined with the enhanced touch keyboard to enrich the experience of using Windows on a tablet or touch device.