Windows 10: initial configuration depending on use

Windows 10: Initial configuration based on usage

Microsoft is considering an additional step during the first configuration of Windows 10. Maybe be enough to put forward its applications and services in the near future according to the use cases of a device.

As part of a test with some Windows Insiders with a preview of Windows 10 in the Dev channel, Microsoft adds a new screen during a first configuration of the system operation.

According to Microsoft, such a screen is intended to help better understand how the user intends to use his machine, and thus to allow customization according to use cases. Video games, family, creativity, schoolwork, entertainment and productivity are among the options offered.

This is however an experimentation phase and such options will not necessarily be the same for Windows Insiders concerned. What’s more, the device’s personalization screen can be zapped.

If necessary, Microsoft will collect some new data and suggestions for applications and services will be made during the initial setup procedure. At least that’s what is planned for the future.

For businesses only, Microsoft is also testing the ability to change file associations per user or per device. Administrators can then define which applications will automatically open different types of files or links.