Which smartphone has depreciated by 91% in a year

Android smartphones lose in price the fastest. In the outsiders of the OnePlus model

I think that everyone in the environment will find a completely normal person who is ready not to finish eating up and go into credit, but only to have a brand new flagship. Of course, it’s not prestigious to go with outdated junk? Even if it still works well.

You need to look cool and not embarrass your name. You can’t keep up with fashion? And you can always sell a used phone and buy a new one. The more prestigious the brand and the more expensive a mobile phone is, the more chances you have to get more money for a used smartphone.

This statement is partly true. Premium smartphones lose the least in price. So, according to the company Decluttr, which is engaged in the repair and redemption of used devices, the iPhone is the least expensive in a year. For example, in the first six months since the start of sales, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max lost 43% and 42% of the original price, respectively. Whereas the OnePlus 7 Pro has depreciated by 63% in 6 months.

According to experts, in the first six months smartphones costing $ 900 and more lose an average of 51% of their original price in price. In the case of gadgets with a price tag of $ 700 to $ 899, this figure is 56%. Smartphones with price tags up to $ 700 are devalued by 64%. On average, it turned out that premium devices in the first 6 months lose in price 58%, middle-level models – 65% and state employees – 66%.

Apple smartphones lose much less of their original cost. So, for a year they depreciate by 51%, and two years later – up to 67%. Whereas for Samsung devices, these figures were 67% and 80%, respectively. Google models are also rapidly depreciating. In a year they lose 69% in price, and in two years – 83%. If we talk about Huawei smartphones, they depreciate by 70% and 81%, respectively.

And the OnePlus mobile phones became outsiders. In a year they lose 72% of the original cost, and in two years – 83%. Most of the drawdown was recorded for the OnePlus 5, which depreciated by 91% after a year.

The best chance to bail out the amount of funds is available to those who decide to sell such used models: iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, Google Pixel XL, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR.