What’s new in Android 12? Google has begun to shed light

Google wants to make working with third-party app directories as easy as possible in Android 12

Google is stable in its actions. This month, it released an annual update of its own mobile operating system – Android 11. And the eleventh iteration of the green robot can hardly be called one of the most intense in terms of changes and innovations. What about Android 12? Perhaps there are more surprises waiting for us there?

It would seem that it is too early to talk about a new version of the green robot, but something has already leaked into the network. As it turns out, Google plans to make it even easier to install and work with third-party app stores. The company was pushed to such a decision by the game studio Epic Games, which recently staged a demarche against Google’s policy on paying commissions.

In its official blog, the good corporation made a statement:

“Each store can define its own business model and consumer characteristics. This openness means that even if the developer and Google have not agreed on business terms, the developer can still distribute the software on the Android platform. This is why, for example, Fortnite is available directly from the Epic store or other app stores, including the Samsung Galaxy App store. “.

But Google understands that there are difficulties in dealing with third parties sources of software, so I intend to simplify and improve this process:

“Some developers have given us feedback on how we can improve the user experience when installing a different app store on their device. In response to this feedback, we will be making changes in Android 12 (Android release next year) to make it even easier for people to use other app stores on their devices, while being careful not to violate Android security measures. We are developing all of this now and look forward to sharing with others in the future! ”

Today, Android 11 is reinsured as much as possible and asks many times about what whether the user intends to download the app from an alternative store. According to the company, this is done for the safety and protection of users. It is not clear at this stage how Google plans to change or relax the terms of access to third-party content in Android 12.