Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle breaks records

Who said electric motorcycles lack a punch compared to their thermal counterparts?

Between November 16 and 23, at the prestigious Kennedy Space Center , champion Max Biaggi smashed an incredible number of records riding a Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle, in all three versions of the test vehicle (faired, semi – shrouded, not shrouded).

The engine of the Voxan develops a power of 317 kW (425 hp) with a battery of barely 15.9 kWh, the whole being cooled by Carboglace (dry ice).

21 records were broken during these few days, including a total speed record established with the semi-faired version of the Voxan Wattman, an official record of 455.737 km / h (and 470.257 km / h measured by GPS). The previous record of 407 km / h, already held by a Voxan, is therefore pulverized. In the non-faired version, the Voxan Wattman still reached 369.626 km / h.

Again a world record. It should be noted that all these records were established on the basis of launched starts which comply with the rules of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM): the selected split time is set from the average of two starts.