UFO: the Pentagon creates a division for the study of these phenomena

Finally, they did! Like the excellent X Files series, the Pentagon has just opened a “special affairs office” to deal with UFO phenomena.

The AOIMSG ( Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group ) will be made up of highly qualified people in multiple fields (pilots, specialists in aeronautics, physics, etc.), specialists who will aim to collect, analyze and decipher the appearances of ‘unidentified flying objects, knowing that the reality of these phenomena has now been recognized by the US Department of Defense.

The AOIMSG reports to the Under-Secretary of Defense in charge of security and surveillance, and replaces the US Navy unit which since 2020 was in charge of dealing with these phenomena. It should be noted that since the recurring appearance of UFOs over several US Navy buildings, the Pentagon now seems to take this type of affair very seriously. If the hypothesis of prototypes of weapons or devices from enemy countries remains obviously the most probable, all the options are now on the table: the AOIMSG does not pose any postulate a priori concerning the analysis of these phenomena not identified.