TOP 3 Free Fitness Apps

We have selected the top 3 fitness apps for you

The desire to bring health and well-being in order natural and positive. Alas, it happens that desire does not pass from thought to the stage of action. Often there is simply not enough motivation. This can be corrected by visualizing the results, expressing them through data.

Installing a high-quality and convenient fitness application on a smartphone will allow you to track progress and record achievements. The excitement to surpass your own results will stir up interest in classes, and the training itself will become much more interesting and informative. 24>

Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitness App

The app is primarily designed to find suitable places for sports. The database is constantly updated with up-to-date information. Additional advantages: you can book the required time and date in the selected institution in the application itself.

The app works best abroad: this is a great chance to choose a new fitness club while traveling in other cities. If you don’t feel like walking anywhere, you can pick up an exercise bike for your home and not depend on the workload of the fitness center, weather and other external factors.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

The app is well suited for those who like fast workouts. It has many different activities for 7 minutes to complete. You can independently choose the complexity of the tasks based on your physical fitness. There are both simple and complex exercises. In addition to intense workouts, there are intermediate workouts that last 16 minutes, as well as basic ones. The app is well suited for those starting to play sports. Among the types of training:

  • jumping ;
  • running in place;
  • triceps development, etc.

You can also create an individual training program by combining different exercises from the list. Implemented visual and audio support of training, which helps to perform tasks correctly.

Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

Convenient and beautifully designed application for fixing the distance when doing sports … Great for running, cycling, or brisk walking. As a motivation, a voluntary charity program was implemented through popular organizations. Each kilometer passed is paid by the sponsor, and you just need to choose where this money is sent. The idea of ​​the application is simple: by your activity you help people in need. What is not motivation for action?