The lawsuit with Epic Games? For Apple, it’s just a publicity stunt!

The Apple VS Epic Games trial continues to be commented on on social networks and according to the recent statement from the Cupertino company , all this would be wanted by the creator of Fortnite. Through statements and statistics, Apple provides proof that Epic Games is essentially seeking the buzz with this lawsuit!

It is rare that court cases are so publicized as that of Apple against Epic Games. Indeed, the Fortnite publisher has filed a complaint against the Cupertino company to complain of an abuse of a dominant position and unfair rules towards iOS and iPadOS developers.
For Apple, any this case is only a publicity stunt desperate to revive the game Fortnite which is in strong decline compared to last year. Epic Games would be very far from the statistics of its first chapter and would encounter difficulties to recruit new players!
Suddenly, at Epic we would have decided to go after Apple to create the buzz and make A of all the media who rush to relay the trial as soon as new information emerges.
Today, the media The Verge spotted in the opposition motion posted online this morning this excerpt:

For reasons unrelated to Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity is in decline. By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had declined by almost 70% from October 2019. This lawsuit (and the headlines it generated on the front page) appears to be part of a marketing campaign designed to re-energize interest in Fortnite.
If Epic were really concerned about damaging their reputation as a result of this dispute, they would not engage in these elaborate efforts to publicize it. From all appearances (including the #freefortnite campaign), Epic believes its conduct here will engender goodwill, bolster its reputation, and lead users to Fortnite, not the other way around. It’s not a bad thing.

Recent statements from the Buy Shares site explained that Epic Games was losing about $ 26 million per months and that the Fortnite publisher had lost its largest share of revenue .
For Apple, which has access to the revenue that Epic Games was earning on the App Store, it’s completely false . The Cupertino company claims that Epic was earning well on its application store, but was far from having the same income as on other platforms like Windows, PlayStation or even Xbox.
This rumor that says that Apple is cutting Epic from the majority of its revenue is bogus and tries to portray the publisher as the victim in history.


Apple has it right not to change its position

Epic Games has asked the courts to force Apple to accept the Fortnite game again on the App Store. For the Cupertino company, this is absurd , especially since no ban on returning to the App Store has been made, the only thing Apple asks is that Epic Games withdraw direct payment from Fortnite and passes the 30% commission again. If Epic agrees, everything will come back as before. Unfortunately, lawyers for Epic Games have said on several occasions that they do not want to go back into an anti-competitive contract .
Apple does not understand where the idea came from at Epic Games. to force the reinstatement of Fortnite on the App Store by way of justice, the company explains:

Epic started a fire and poured gasoline on it, and is now asking in court urgent help to shut it down, even though Epic can do it itself in an instant by simply adhering to the contractual terms that have profitably governed its relationship with Apple for years. This Court was correct when it previously held that “self-inflicted injuries are not irreparable injuries.”

On September 28, 2020 the hearing will be held which will determine whether Apple will need to welcome Fortnite back to the App Store with direct payment. Apple is also asking the courts for the refund of the income generated by the direct payment, since as the 30% commission was not respected , Epic defrauded the signed contract and willfully ” stole ” ​​the share of the profits that was normally reserved for Apple.
The rest of the episode in a week and a half!