The dumpling: Facebook displays ads for fake health passes

Barely voted “worst company of the year 2021” then Facebook already seems to do everything to keep its title in 2022.

Internet users have indeed noticed that the giant of the social network has let advertisements for a perfectly illegal service to recover valid QR codes or a “COVID-19 vaccination certificate” , or fake health passes! Remember that according to the laws of several European countries, promoting this type of service or offering them directly to the public can earn thugs a few months to a few years in prison.

Facebook / Meta may well proclaim to anyone who wants to hear it that it will not let anything go, it must be recognized that the social network is still teeming with toxic or even illegal content. Fortunately, if we are to believe the small investigations of BFMTV journalist Raphael Brably (who brought up the news), less than a thousand people would have been affected by these fraudulent ads for the fake health pass. More fear than harm this time… until the next one?