The alignment of forces in the mobile processor market in the second quarter of 2020

Qualcomm is in the lead, but MediaTek is catching up. Apple and HiSilicon have grown, Samsung and Unisoc have lost

For many years, Qualcomm has been the absolute leader in the mobile chip market. A company that doesn’t even have its own production facilities manages to be the undisputed favorite. But as soon as the US obstructed Huawei, the situation changed a little.



Analysts at Counterpoint Technology Market Research started calculating the share of chip makers for the second quarter of this year. According to the results of the analysis, they came to the conclusion that along with the fall of the smartphone market, there was naturally a decline in the segment of mobile chips. The culprits of the situation have long been known and have been named more than once – the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine restrictions and the crisis. The drop was 26%.

Qualcomm remains the leader with 29% of the market. It is with regret for the American chipmaker that he is losing his share. So, a year earlier, its share was 33%.

Alignment of forces in the context of regions

In second place was MediaTek, which managed to increase its share from 24% to 26%. Here, the company owes an increase in demand for its chips from Huawei, as well as from other manufacturers that have relied on Dimensity processors.

HiSilicon closes the top three, which also showed growth – 16% against 12% over the same period last year. The jump is dictated by the increasing production of processors, which spurred on US sanctions. Already by the end of the fourth quarter of this year, we will see a steep peak of HiSilicon in the mobile chips market. In fourth place was Apple with 13% of the market share and in fifth – Samsung with a similar result. Another 4% of the market fell on Unisoc chips.