T-Mobile hit by new cyberattack

T-Mobile suffered another cyberattack after being disrupted by another attack in August. This time, hackers accessed “a small number” of customer accounts, according to documents released byThe T-Mo Report.

New cyber attack targeting operator T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers have been the victims of a SIM swap attack (which could allow someone to bypass two-factor authentication via text message), or have had their personal information exposed, or both. The documents show that the Customers ‘Proprietary Network Information (CNPI) that was viewed could include customers’ billing account name, phone number and account number, as well as information about their plans, including number of customers. lines attached to their account.

T-Mobile hasn’t really reacted publicly to this new data breach, other than on Twitter. Operator support instructs a customer to take “immediate action to help protect anyone who may be at risk from this cyber attack . ”

It’s unclear how big this cyberattack is, but it certainly looks much smaller than the previous attack the company revealed in August. This summer’s cyberattack was much more extensive and involved both social security numbers and driver’s license details.