T-Mobile Hack: Operator Says 47.8 Million Customer Data Stolen

T-Mobile has confirmed that it was indeed hacked, involving the data of tens of millions of customers. The hack was first announced earlier this week, with a hacker claiming to have recovered data from 100 million customers. But the operator makes it clear that this is not the case.

T-Mobile speaks out on hacking
In a statement, T-Mobile said the hack enabled the hacker to recover the data of 7.8 million customers, as well as the information of more than 40 million former or potential customers. Of these more than 40 million customers, hackers were able to access first and last names, dates of birth, social security numbers (SSNs), driver’s licenses and identity cards. The information did not include phone numbers, account numbers, PINs or passwords, or financial information.


T-Mobile adds that 850,000 customers with pre-paid offers are also part of the hack. The hackers were able to see their names, phone numbers and the PIN code of their accounts. Some information was also retrieved for inactive prepaid customers, but no financial information was found in these inactive files.

Following this discovery, the operator announces that it is taking immediate action to help protect all those who could be threatened by this hack. This includes 2 years of free Identity Protection Services with McAfee Identity Theft Protection Service.

We take the protection of our customers very seriously and we will continue to work around the clock on this forensic investigation to ensure that we take care of our customers in light of this malicious attack, said T-Mobile.

“Although our investigation is ongoing, we would like to share these early findings, although we are likely to learn additional facts during our investigation which may modify or change the above detail.