Switch OLED: Drift Joy-Con not fixed, Nintendo suggests

The Drift Joy-Con is problematic with the Switch and will be again with the OLED model. At least that’s what Nintendo suggests in a Q&A.

The company says it has made improvements, but that’s not likely to be enough to put a permanent end to the problem.

Still the Drift Joy-Con with Switch OLED

What is Joy-Con Drift on Switch? This is an issue that affects many gamers where the joysticks are out of adjustment. The character in a game can go in a direction when the player is not touching the joystick. There is also the case where the character will suddenly turn left or right, while the player asks to go straight.

Then comes the case of the Drift Joy-Con with the Switch OLED, knowing that this model has been available for purchase for a few days. Nintendo begins by explaining that it has improved its Joy-Con over the first model from 2017. The joysticks on the Switch Lite, which saw the light of day in 2019, are different for example (although they are subject to the Joy-Con Drift…). The same is true with the Switch OLED where there are still improvements. Even so, the joystick issue may well return with the Switch OLED.

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This is Nintendo’s answer to a question about the inevitable wear and tear while the parts are physically in contact. “The joystick parts have been continuously improved since launch and we are always working on improvements,” Nintendo says. The company added that anyone who makes a repair to the Joy-Con from now on will be entitled to the new version with the latest improvements.