Surprise: Samsung has released its own perfume

2020 never ceases to amaze with surprise after surprise. Now the surprise comes from where it was not expected. Samsung has released its own fragrance to celebrate the launch of its new Ecobubble washing machine. Yes, you read that right: Samsung has created its own perfume called Freshly Laundered – Eco Edition.

To make the association between the two products unmistakable, the perfume is enclosed in a bottle that mimics the washing car. Freshly Laundered – Eco Edition is made by expert perfumer Sarah McCartney and smells like freshly washed laundry. According to research by Samsung, freshly washed laundry is the best smell for British adults.

The new fragrance comes with an ad featuring Max Whitlock, a member of the GB Olympian team, which you can watch below. This is a tribute to the famous Chanel ad # 5 with Brad Pitt. As Samsung explains, Whitlock “uses some industry clichés, seductively running his hand around the edge of the washing machine and spraying himself with perfume before sniffing the UK flag.”

On just in case you thought this was all a joke, Freshly Laundered – Eco Edition will be available to anyone who buys an Ecobubble washing machine at the Samsung KX booth in London from October 8-23. The reviewers who were the first to receive the perfume from the electronics giant confirm that it does smell like freshly washed laundry. For those who appreciate the details, the fragrance contains four musks that “evoke the scent of fresh garden and fresh water combined with the scent of lily of the valley.”

Details of the washing machine itself are not disclosed, but the new Ecobubble machines offer maximum wash efficiency, a new interface for ease of use, and Smart Control + technology that learns behaviors to make recommendations for future wash cycles.