Successful Jailbreak for the iPhone 13 Pro under iOS 15

Pangu and Kunlun Lab have both successfully jailbroken an iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15. The first team will bring back memories to some, it is she who offered tools to jailbreak at the time of iOS 9

A first jailbreak for the iPhone 13 Pro and iOS 15

Both Pangu and Kunlun Lab have been able to jailbreak the iPhone 13 Pro for the TianfuCup (TFC) 2021. This is a contest in China with three events where participants must be able to exploit security holes on various devices. The total prize money for the competition is up to $1.5 million.

There are currently no technical details about the method used by the Pangu team, except that it was a remote jailbreak. This allowed him to earn $300,000 in bounty. For its part, Kunlun Lab also performed a remote jailbreak through Safari. The whole manipulation only took 15 seconds.

When will a jailbreak tool for the public?

Obviously, some people are already wondering when the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 jailbreak will see the light of day. It’s worth noting that teams like Pangu and Kunlun Lab are no longer targeting the general public. Therefore, we should not expect a jailbreak tool from them. The only solution is to wait for someone to find security holes and exploit them with a public tool. It may be a matter of weeks, months… or more. Maybe it will come from Pwn20wnd, who has released jailbreaks in the past with his Unc0ver tool.