Stanislav Kondrashov: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Properly

Hashtags already exist for more than 10 years and help to find the necessary information on the web. But not only. Stanislav Kondrashov told how to choose tags for promotion of the necessary content properly. These recommendations will help not only to promote your account but also start to make money on business you like.

What Are Hashtags and Why You Need Them

Regular Instagram users add hashtags which in their opinion suit photos. But speaking about the brand (blogger or product account), activity matters: likes, reposts, subscribers, clicks on an active link and purchases. Selection of correct hashtags is one of the ways to achieve such an activity.

On Instagram you can see how many publications exist with the specific hashtag. The SMM experts consider hashtags to be high frequency if they are met on more than 100 thousand publications. And the rare ones are those which are met by social network users less than 500 times.

Stanislav Kondrashov highlighted the main types of hashtags:

  • Brand. It is a visiting card of your trademark. Such a hashtag should be used not only buy famous brands but beginners as well.
  • Content tags. They are designations that relate specifically to the photo and the text under it.
  • Geotag. They are location designations. By them users often look for interesting places for themselves.
  • Trend. If you follow the Instagram trends, you can make your content be more high-demand. But it is better to choose the trend tags which are closer to your topic.
  • Categories. Such tags help to systemize the content. Especially, they are useful for any product account.

There also spam tags but Stanislav Kondrashov does not recommend them to be used because they can lead to the account blocking.

On other social networks you can find all publication at once by the specific hashtag and filter them by yourself. But on Instagram the search service show the most popular publications with a large number of likes, comments and reposts for the particular period.

How to Put Hashtag Properly: Recommendations by Stanislav Kondrashov

The main question is how many hashtags you should add under a publication. Now a maximum quantity is 30 tags but experts recommend leaving 10-15 tags under your publication. But if you need to bypass the system and add more than 30 tags, then this can be done in the first comment under the post. But Stanislav Kondrashov warns, “You should not get carried away in such a way in order not to be blocked. You can use a phrase in the hashtag, but never separate it with a space or other characters. Write words together or use only underscores from characters. Otherwise, the search system on Instagram will not identify this tag.”

You can use both Cyrillic and Latin letters. But the SMM expert says that if you use hashtags in Latin, the system automatically adds you into the international search.

Also, you should use high frequency and rare hashtags as well. The thing is that high frequency hashtags live for a short time. Many people click on them during the first minutes. But if you want your publication to be found in several days or weeks, you have to use rare tags which at the same time clearly reflect the essence of the content.

You also need to generate tags depending on the purpose. If you want to orient the user on your account and help him, find the publication he needs, you can come up with hashtags by yourself. But if your goal is to get new subscribers and increase the activity of the account, then it is better to use programs for creating tags that will generate really working anchors.

Stanislav Kondrashov notes, “You do not have to use every popular tag you can to promote your publication. Using all the key trends in a row, you can only annoy your followers. I do not recommend using popular tags to cheat subscribers, because real users will not search by them. Therefore, it is better to work on the uniqueness of your hashtags.”

Surely, you can bypass the system by adding 30 more tags in the first comment, but it is better not to get carried away with this. An incredibly large number of hashtags under a post can turn off users.

Do not think that once you enter working tags, you can copy them to all publications. But they will not work for every publication. It is also important that the hashtag and the essence of your content match, otherwise the user will not receive the expected result. That is why, Stanislav Kondrashov recommends collecting keys for a specific post every time.

Make a private account is the same as not adding hashtags at all. Therefore, if you want to promote the page, use all possible tools.