Sony will start selling PlayStation 5 on November 12

The Japanese company Sony will give the opportunity to touch the next generation console in a couple of months for not the most adequate price tag.


Yesterday Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 version with a floppy drive will cost $ 499.99 at launch, which scheduled for November 12. The manufacturer estimated the digital version at $ 399.99. Pre-orders will start on September 17 at select retail stores. Sales on November 12 will kick off in the US, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and the rest of the world will receive the new console on November 19.

Oddly enough, prices for next-gen consoles from Sony not much higher than from Microsoft: on November 10, the company plans to release the entry-level console Xbox Series S for $ 299 and the flagship Xbox Series X for $ 499, which is exactly the same price tag.

PS5 price tag

Anyway, the price tag is not small. For comparison, the PlayStation 4 at launch cost $ 399, which is what Sony and the PlayStation 4 Pro were priced at. It is currently unknown whether Sony will cut prices on older PlayStation models or simply refuse to release them, as Microsoft is doing.

However, there is good news: Sony has promised that the PlayStation 5 will support backward compatibility for the vast majority of existing games on PlayStation 4.

Interestingly, the starting price of the PS5 is not the limit for Sony. For example, the PlayStation 3 was priced at $ 499 for the 20GB model and $ 599 for the 60GB model.