Snapdragon: Qualcomm announces simplifying the name of its chips

The Snapdragon chips, which equip most smartphones, will change their name, announcementQualcomm. The group wants to simplify the process and avoid having numbers as is the case today (Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon 778G, etc).

A simplified name for Snapdragon chips

Qualcomm believes the new simplified naming system will make it easier for consumers to find and choose devices with Snapdragon chips. Its mobile chips will be upgraded to a single-digit serial and generation number from its upcoming 8-series platform. Until now, it has been rumored that the next chip will be called Snapdragon 898, but it obviously won’t be. the case. Also, the chips will have the name “Snapdragon” and no longer “Qualcomm Snapdragon”.

Another change relates to “badges” which serve as a visual representation of the chip in illustrations and other marketing materials. Gold “will now be used to represent only our premium products , ” while other colors include Midnight, Metallic Gray, Nickel and Red. Likewise, the fireball icon will gain prominence, while the mention of 5G will no longer be displayed, as it has “become ubiquitous in our Snapdragon portfolio” and its inclusion will be taken for granted, Qualcomm explains. Finally, all the chips for cars also adopt the name Snapdragon.

The Snapdragon Tech Summit takes place next week and it will be an opportunity to discover the new high-end chip from Qualcomm. It will therefore have a new name, but it is not disclosed for the moment.