Shot on iPhone: Apple publishes beautiful shots taken with the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple has published on its Instagram account some nice shots taken (without retouching) with the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max by young photographers.

The new Shot on iPhone collection features photographers Zerb Mellish, Cody Cobb, Jake Michaels, Jason Nocito, Ryan Caruthers and Julien James. Apple is highlighting the extended capabilities of the Ultra Wide Angle sensor, which offers a 120° FoV and can capture almost 50% more light than the equivalent sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro, which will not be a luxury when taking shots in low light conditions. These sensor upgrades were highly anticipated (let’s not forget the really effective Macro mode as well as the state-of-the-art video performance), and allow Apple to finish in the top 5 of the latest DXOMARK ranking of the best photophones (and in first place for video capabilities).