Samsung promises to release Android 12 before the end of 2021 for its Galaxy

Google has already proposed Android 12… well, almost. The update is available on AOSP, but not yet for the Pixel. At the same time, manufacturers like Samsung are preparing the arrival of Android 12 for their smartphones, and a release window has been mentioned.

Samsung prepares Android 12 for its Galaxy

In a post on its forums, Samsung says that the availability of Android 12 for its Galaxy smartphones will be “by December at the latest”. It is worth noting that this will initially concern the Galaxy S21. There is currently no information about the availability for other models.

In any case, this timeline would be pretty much in line with last year’s, when Samsung offered the first stable version of Android 11 on December 2, 2020, just before a full-scale launch. Assuming everything goes well behind the scenes, it seems entirely reasonable to expect Samsung to offer the update this year around the same time.

In fact, it’s not impossible that an Android 12 availability on Samsung Galaxy devices could happen as early as November. The manufacturer offered its first public beta well ahead of schedule in mid-September and has since released a second patch. So this is good news for Galaxy owners.