Samsung is preparing to introduce the first smartphone with an expandable display

Only a handful of companies make foldable smartphones, and it’s no surprise that Samsung holds over 80 percent of the mobile market in this form factor. The South Korean company does not stop there – the Korean giant is expected to ship about 4 million devices this year. However, the company is reported to be experimenting with a completely new form factor.

Samsung had a tough time when it first announced the Galaxy Fold, but the company quickly made the necessary improvements with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Now, apparently, a smartphone with a folding display is in development.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 2 becoming the top-selling foldable smartphone, Samsung plans to continue releasing experimental devices, according to the Korean Herald Corp. The company is expected to continue to release better and more functional foldable models in the future, but the company also plans to introduce a foldable display smartphone in 2021. In addition to Samsung, LG is also rumored to release its smartphone with a similar display in the same year 2021. As it became known recently, this LG smartphone is codenamed Project B.

The idea behind a roll-up display smartphone is that it expands on an existing display, giving the user extra space. Instead of multiple displays like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, such a smartphone is expected to offer a single screen, and its size can be adjusted as desired. The post did not elaborate on whether this smartphone will expand to a predetermined size or whether Samsung will allow users to freely adjust how much screen real estate they require based on what they use the smartphone for.

Unfortunately, specific release date the first Samsung smartphone with a roll-up display is not reported. It may be on display during MWC 2021, behind closed doors for several people, if the COVID-19 pandemic dies down by then. Samsung has done the same with its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, so it should come as no surprise that the Korean manufacturer will repeat the same thing this winter.

The cost of the device is also unknown, but given the high prices of the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2, you shouldn’t expect the first smartphone with an expandable display to be an affordable device.