Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was a slap in the face for Galaxy Note 20 owners

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 FE: cannibalism within the lineup

Yes, this is what Sammobile journalists came to. According to them, a detailed study of the characteristics of the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy Note 20 showed that in the case of the latest model, users essentially overpay only for the S Pen and 64 megapixel sensor in the main camera. In fact, it turned out to be a kind of lightweight version of the Galaxy Note 20, which could be called the light version.

Another significant plus for someone is a flat matrix, no rounding. Don’t forget also about the fun colors and practical body.

Why was the new product called the S20 Fan Edition? This is a purely marketing ploy, which the company tried to “kill two birds with one stone.” They kept the reference to the flagship S20 line and made a nod to the fans that the smartphone was created based on the characteristics that users preferred. Figuratively speaking, it was created “at the request of workers” and avoiding the word Lite allowed to avoid associations that something was significantly simplified here.

The company itself claims that the new product was a direct response to the wishes of fans. It packs in most of the features fans loved in the Galaxy S20 series, but still offers it at a more affordable price point. Samsung hopes the Fan Edition will be popular and find a ton of buyers. But with the release of this model, the company has devalued the Galaxy Note 20, making it a very niche device only for those who are critical of the stylus.