Samsung flagship owners complain about battery problems

Samsung flagships disappoint with battery problems

Samsung flagship users started complaining about incorrect battery indicator and premature discharge of smartphones … The problem has affected models such as Galaxy S10 and S20, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 20, and also seen on the Galaxy Tab S5e tablet.

A number of users have noted that Samsung flagships turn off before the battery indicator reaches 1-5%. It is not clear why this problem occurs, but it is annoying. Another more serious problem is that users report that the battery is draining too quickly the last 15%.


They note that the battery is draining almost rapidly and they cannot correctly track how much time they have in stock before they can find a socket to charge their smartphone. Of course, this problem can be solved simply – charge the smartphone more often and not let the battery charge fall below the psychological mark of 15%. Or even spend a little money on buying an external battery.

Most likely , the fault is in the failure of the algorithms that are responsible for the accurate calculation of the current battery charge. This is treated programmatically and there is a hope that the company will soon release the required update. At this stage, Samsung does not comment on the problem in any way.