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Safari: Apple urges the porting of Chrome, Edge and Firefox extensions

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Safari: Apple urges the porting of Chrome, Edge and Firefox extensions

While emphasizing its protection of privacy, Apple reminds developers that they can port their extensions designed for other browsers to Safari.

In a recent message to developers, Apple talks about the ease with which it is possible to create web extensions for Safari. In this case, for the next version 14 of its browser which will arrive in the fall, especially with macOS Big Sur (macOS 11.0).

This announcement is related with the support of the API WebExtensions in the beta of Safari 14. The same technology which is exploited in other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) with extensions taking advantage of HTML, JavaScript and CSS .

Apple takes this opportunity to point out that thanks to a new conversion tool in the beta of its Xcode 11 development environment, developers can port their existing extensions from other browsers to Safari. They will then be available in the Mac App Store in the fall.

During its WWDC conference in June, Apple revealed this support for the WebExtensions API to adapt the extensions designed for Safari. for other browsers. However, Apple assures us that unlike other browsers, Safari will always ask the user which websites each extension can access.

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