Russian telecom operators began to raise prices for archive tariff plans

According to network sources, Russian telecom operators continue to raise prices for archived tariffs. Following MegaFon and Vimpelcom, MTS announced an increase in the subscription fee for the old tariff plans, noting that the changes would affect less than 1% of tariffs.

The volume of traffic continues to grow and operators need to increase their investments to increase capacity. According to market participants, prices for communication in Russia will grow by 15% over the year.

MTS has notified subscribers of the “My Smart” tariff series that from September 9 the volume of gigabytes of traffic and free minutes included in the package will increase, and its cost will rise to 355 rubles. per month. One of the subscribers said that his expenses were practically doubling, but the company noted that the average price increase would be 30-40 rubles. It was also said that even after the change, the archived tariffs will continue to be cheaper than the offers available for connection at the present time.

MegaFon has also made some changes to its archived tariffs. The corresponding message was published on the official website of the operator a few weeks ago. It is noted that the increase affects an insignificant part of the subscriber base using non-mass archived tariffs. The representative of MegaFon noted that before the changes took effect, subscribers were offered “free to switch to any of the current tariffs of the line” .

The Scartel company, which is a subsidiary of MegaFon and provides services under the Yota brand, announced an increase in the cost of the constructor tariff, but this change only applies to subscribers connecting after 24 August. The Constructor tariff, which is used by 52% of the company’s subscribers, allows you to independently choose the required number of minutes and gigabytes.

Vimpelcom in the middle of last month also increased the cost of some archived tariff plans. The operator’s representatives refrained from commenting on this issue. Tele2 reported that the cost of the company’s tariffs did not change during the summer.