Realme unveils the world’s first smart TV with SLED matrix

Suddenly, it was the Chinese company Realme that was the pioneer with the release of a new smart TV with SLED-matrix.

Today, the Chinese brand Realme is not just a young startup. This is a serious company that it is time to reckon with, at least for its ambition. Realme already produces wearable devices, TWS headphones and recently entered the smart TV market.

Today the company has taken a big step forward not only for myself, but for the entire smart TV market.

On September 25, Realme announced the world’s first 4K SLED smart TV. The TV itself is not yet ready for sale. Regardless, Realme decided to show its novelty in the hope that other manufacturers will look at the new technology in an adequate and, most importantly, affordable alternative to the QLED technology found in premium TVs.

SLED technology is redefining LCD displays. The biggest innovation lies in the new way of illuminating the panel. Conventional LCD monitors have a white backlight that goes through RGB filters. With SLED technology, the backlight will use red, green and blue LEDs to create more vibrant colors. Due to their belonging to the LCD family, SLED monitors are cheaper to manufacture, and the picture is noticeably juicier and more pleasant. At least according to the manufacturer.

Realme’s SLED technology will hit the market as a 55-inch TV. The new panel will provide just over 100%, or rather 108% of the NTSC color spectrum. However, Realme has promised to keep the excessive emission of blue light under control.

At the moment it is not known when the new TV is waiting to enter the market.