PSN: accounts are hacked, Sony recommends two-factor authentication

Sony is announcing that more and more players are seeing their PSN accounts hacked, hence the benefit of enabling two-factor authentication. This reinforces security and prevents a hacker from being able to log in as they see fit.


Sony Japan is currently communicating on the subject of PSN account hacking. “We have recently received numerous inquiries from customers whose PSN accounts have been hacked. As a countermeasure, we recommend that you enable two-step authentication, “one tweet read. This is accompanied by a picture showing how to activate the security system.


Two-step authentication means that just having the account email address and password is not enough to log in. An additional code is required. This can be received by SMS or through a dedicated application (Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.). Hackers are therefore stuck, since they are not able to recover the code in question, especially since it changes automatically every 30 seconds.

Sony implemented two-factor authentication on the PSN in 2016. It was three years after Microsoft, which already offered the same system on its Xbox.