PS5: Dbrand stops selling black shells after Sony’s threats

Dbrand wanted to play by proposing black covers for the PS5, but Sony threatened him. The first one capitulated and decided to stop the sale of its fronts which allowed to have a black PlayStation 5.

This is the end for Dbrand’s black shells for the PS5

It all started at the beginning of the year when Dbrand released black shells for the PlayStation 5. They were disappointed to see that Sony was only offering a white PS5. So they could buy different shells and have a model other than white. Problem: Sony didn’t like that.

Dbrand played with fire by clearly stating the following message to Sony: “go ahead, sue us”. Now it’s October and that’s exactly what Sony threatened to do. They sent a demand letter to Dbrand asking them to stop selling PlayStation 5 shells or face a lawsuit. The brand has relented.

Sony raises a few grievances in its demand letter, including the way the fronts “reproduce SIE’s [Sony Interactive Entertainment’s] copyrighted design” without any authorization. For its part, Dbrand says: “Instead of answering them, let’s get straight to the point: we have chosen to submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now.

When will Sony sell multi-colored front panels?

It makes you wonder if Sony will ever offer its own PS5 shells in multiple colors, including black. After all, removing the console’s front panels is a very simple operation. You don’t even need a tool to do it. Removing the fronts allows you to access the space to put an M.2 SSD and increase storage.