POCO X3 battery life compared to Redmi Note 9 Pro! The result is upset

We checked the operating time of the POCO X3 and compared the result with the Redmi Note 9 Pro. It could be better …

We conducted our proprietary test of the autonomy of the Poco X3 smartphone and compared the battery life with the Redmi Note 9 Pro. They hoped that he would live longer … But, alas, with autonomy everything turned out to be not so smooth and rosy. The fact that on paper could be counted among the advantages of the novelty turned out to be its weak point. Not that everything was very bad, but by modern standards a capacious 5160 mAh battery was packed here, and this is already a serious claim for survivability.


But the Snapdragon 732G bundle and 120Hz display turned out to be something gluttonous in terms of power consumption. Poco X3 was far from the leaders of the rating. It seems that the fact that the guys from Poco have not yet learned how to optimize software and hardware has also contributed to it, they do it badly. As a result, Poco X3 NFC discharges faster than Samsung Galaxy A51 with 4000 mAh battery and 6.5-inch display. And this is taking into account the fact that Samsung is famous for the alternative “talent” of its engineers in terms of energy efficiency of branded Exynos chips.

We have received another confirmation that a capacious battery is not a guarantee of long-term operation. Krivoruky to adapt firmware for processors, the developers have done their dirty deed. In terms of autonomy, the Poco X3 looks dull and in the discipline of autonomy, it yields to competitors. True, with a 120 Hz IPS display, it was difficult to count on miracles of endurance.

You can find our full proprietary test of autonomy at this link, and look for the opportunity to buy Poco X3 and other devices at low prices on the vastness of Andro price.

Smartphone Poco X 3 NFC Redmi Note 9 Pro
Battery capacity 5160 mAh 5020 mAh
Test steps
Front camera (30 min) 95% 96%
Antutu & 3DMark 90% 92%
PUBG (1 hour) 75% 79%
Main camera

( 30 min)

66% 67%
View YouTube

(1 hour)

58% 62%
Voice recorder (15 min) 55% 60%
Movie offline (1 hour) 46% 49
WOT Blitz up to 0% up to 0%
Total running time: 7 hours and 32 minutes 9 hours and 01 minute

POCO X3 battery life compared to Redmi Note 9 Pro! The result is upsetting