Optical fiber: 300 million euros released for deployment

The deployment of the optical fiberin France continues with 300 million euros more. This sum includes both the government and local communities, indicates Le Figaro…

Financial assistance for the deployment of optical fiber

The State has decided to grant additional financial support of 150 million euros for the realization of the final fiber optic connections. For their part, local authorities will have to invest one euro for each euro disbursed by the State. This represents a total sum of 300 million euros.

“This envelope is part of the recovery plan , ” says Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital. The government aims to offer fiber to everyone by 2025.

What is the cost of deploying fiber? In urban areas, connecting a new subscriber costs 200 to 400 euros. The bill is much higher when you move away from city centers: between 5,000 and 12,000 euros per accommodation according to operators’ estimates. This is where the 300 million euros will help operators who must also pay a good part. They say they do not want to pay for everything, “but they are intended to take a significant part of the effort” underlined Cédric O.

There is an important element to take into account: the financial assistance of the public authorities is limited to the operations which are located in the public domain and not the private part. Also, the State’s participation is capped at 12.5% ​​of the cost of operations (5,000 euros). We must then add 12.5% ​​provided by local communities and funding from operators.

Orange reacted to the 300 million euros. The operator considers that this is “a first step” . However, he wants alternative solutions. For his part, Cédric O wants to ensure the connection of the end user to the fiber. “I would like to be sure that the State and the French get their money’s worth , ” said the Secretary of State for Digital.