OnePlus 8T: Dual Battery and Ultra Fast Charging

The company teases with the presence of a dual battery and 65W charging

The current upgrade of the flagship performed by OnePlus does not promise any revolutionary or impressive transformations. Everything is as usual. Slightly improve a number of parameters in the OnePlus 8T and it will rise on a par with the OnePlus 8 Pro. Nevertheless, the company itself is confident that in the new product they will give all the best they are capable of today. In anticipation of the announcement, she continues to focus on a number of features of the smartphone.


After promising to offer one of the best 120Hz displays on the market, OnePlus moved on to fast charging. A video teaser has been posted on the network, which promises the ability to quickly charge the OnePlus 8T via the USB Type-C port. With a high degree of probability, the company hints at the proprietary Warp Charge technology, the power of which was brought to 65 W.

The company is almost certainly implementing a technology similar to Oppo’s VOOC. In particular, we are talking about installing two batteries inside the smartphone, which can be charged at the same time, reducing the overall charging time. In favor of such a development of events, one of the teasers of the company speaks, where the “insides” of a smartphone are shown and a dual battery is installed.

Recall that the premiere of OnePlus 8T will take place on October 14 and then we will receive answers to all questions. With the characteristics of the novelty, everything is more or less clear, it remains to find out the price tag for the flagship. So far, we are promised from 599 euros in Europe.