Oculus Quest: V35 update brings VR streaming to iPhone, cloud backup and Messenger calls

The Oculus Quest upgrades to V35. The new system update (currently being deployed) brings several new features, one of which was particularly anticipated.

Once again, iPhone owners are somewhat privileged since they will be the first to benefit from the VR content casting function, which allows videos to be recorded on the iPhone where the video can be seen. player inside the VR world! This mixed reality display will not require the use of a green background. The cast function will be available for Android smartphones a little later.


The most important novelty of this V35 is undoubtedly the Cloud Backup function, which activates, FINALLY, the cloud saving of the progress of its games, which will not have to start all over again when reinstalling app or buy a new headset. This very big black spot of the Oculus Quest is therefore finally corrected, but developers still have to implement this function in their own games / apps.

Finally, it will now be possible to converse (under the VR headset) with another person (not under the VR headset) via Messenger. A really solid update.