Not all good: Apple Watch 3 randomly reboots after updating to new WatchOS 7

Recently presented firmware updates for devices from Apple are already causing problems – now Apple Watch has suffered.

WatchOS 7 was for the long-awaited update for many Apple fans, but Apple Watch Series 3 owners should take their time to install the new firmware. According to 9to5Mac, Watch 3 users complain about random reboots after installing WatchOS 7 on their devices. The device may reboot several times a day. Moreover, this is not the only problem with the firmware.

Judging by the specialized forums, many users also complain about application crashes, problems with the inability to download applications or their updates, and general slowdown during the clock.

Apple should have addressed this issue with the WatchOS 7.0.1 Emergency Update. But it looks like the new firmware hasn’t solved all the glitches.

Newer models, including the latest Apple Watch 6, are not affected by the lack of massive complaints. One thing is unclear – does the new firmware affect the correct operation of Watch 3, purchased with an already installed WatchOS 7. After all, “oldies” can still be officially purchased in authorized Apple stores.

One way or another Apple also promised to fix all the problems in the next update, but knowing the American company, the current problems can be solved, and new ones can be added. But wait and see.