New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been ordered over 60,000 times in South Korea alone

Oddly enough , but the expensive Galaxy Z Fold 2 is in great demand.

Despite all the doubts of skeptics, the “clamshell” from Samsung is very interesting to the public. The previous Galaxy Fold collected a good box office, but it seems that its successor can not only repeat the success of its predecessor, but also update the record.

Several South Korean publications report that there has already been 50,000 pre-orders sent – a new record. And from the looks of it, it doesn’t include the 10,000 units that can be purchased in exchange for old Galaxy Folds. Samsung offered buyers a kind of trade-in – users have the opportunity to bring their old Fold to Samsung Digital Plaza store and get a new product at a significant discount.

Samsung will begin shipping pre-ordered smartphones today, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will arrive in stores on September 18th, which is this Friday. In this case, buyers have the opportunity to purchase a new foldable smartphone in one of the other online stores.



By the way, the recently announced limited edition, created in collaboration with designer Tom Brown, also proved to be quite popular – Samsung reported 230,000 registrations and had to resort to the lottery system as there are only 1,000 units available in Korea (out of 5,000 available worldwide).

After that it becomes very easy to believe that Samsung can return to the top-selling smartphone maker in the world.


The same version from Tom Brown