New renderings of Apple’s AR / VR headset

Apple’s AR / VR headset is entitled to new renderings thanks to Ian Zelbo . He relied on information from The Information published several months ago now.

Apple’s mixed headset with renderings

The renderings allow you to get an idea of ​​the final product, in this case the AR / VR headset from Apple. The latest rumors speak of a presentation at the end of 2022. However, there could be a delay of a few months between the presentation and the availability in the trade. This is what happened with the Apple Watch. This had allowed developers to create applications and different uses. History could repeat itself .

New renderings of Apple's AR / VR headset

The renderings show how Apple would combine certain elements of the AirPods Max and the Apple Watch to create its headset. You can see how the strap resembles that of the Apple Watch Sport band and has both a circular metal clasp and a buckle for security. The headset itself appears to be made from the same silver aluminum as the AirPods Max and features a mesh pad that sits around users’ eyes. On the front of the helmet is a smooth, curved glass panel.