Net 2.0: Interpol allows the arrest of more than a thousand cybercriminals

Firedamp in hacker teams, Dark Web followers and other digital thugs: Interpolsuccessfully conducteda huge crackdown that resulted in the arrest of more than a thousand cybercriminals, mainly people having committed financial offenses (ransomware, money laundering, gambling, etc.)

About twenty countries have participated in this very large-scale operation called HAECHI-II, an operation covering no less than 1,660 cases and investigations of financial cybercrime. 2,350 bank accounts linked to these fraudulent activities were thus closed and $ 27 million was seized.

Many Asian countries have collaborated with Interpol including Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or Japan (but also Spain, Maldives, Romania, Colombia or even Brunei). In one of these cases, Interpol was able to intercept in time almost all of a fraudulent transfer of funds that would otherwise have completely ruined a Colombian company. The active collaboration of the aforementioned countries has resulted in the arrest of hackers who believed themselves to be safe far from their targets. Let it be said, it will no longer be enough to hack from a distant country to find yourself beyond the reach of the authorities.