Mozilla will remove two popular features from Firefox

Mozilla will deprive users of the convenient functionality of their favorite browser.

Last month, Mozilla announced a restructuring that will lead to massive layoffs, which will inevitably suffer one of the most popular browsers, Firefox. And now browser fans began to receive the first calls of problems with Firefox: the company is removing the Send and Notes options.

After reviewing the development budget, Mozilla decided that Send was not worth supporting. The product was suspended earlier this summer due to concerns that a tool that allows users to anonymously download and send encrypted files could be used to carry out phishing attacks and spread malware.

Users are already scolding the company with might and main – for many it was one of the fastest and easiest ways to securely transfer files over the network.

Notes is also under attack. The option allowed desktop and Android users to take notes on web pages and sync them across devices, keeping the content securely encrypted. The service will be closed in November, but users who have the extension installed can export their notes in advance.

Many publications have noticed that it is sad to see these services end their existence. For many, they were in constant rotation. The company has made the decision to focus on revenue-generating projects such as a new VPN service. Well, we’ll keep an eye on the development.