Microsoft could drop the name Windows 10

Microsoft could abandon the name Windows 10

Microsoft would prepare to abandon the name of Windows 10 to prefer simply to use Windows and thus better represent a system constantly evolving.

Since its launch in 2015, Windows 10 has been presented as an OS as a service benefiting from regular evolutions. Microsoft no longer plans to develop different OS at regular intervals, but advances its operating system over the months and years.

6 years later, Windows 10 could finally disappear to give way to “Windows”. It must be said that Microsoft is currently preparing a major update to the OS known as Sun Valley. An update that presents itself as the “new generation” of Windows. After this update, Windows 10 will not really have much to do with the Windows 10 released 6 years ago and Microsoft would like to break away from this name.

For Microsoft, abandon Windows 10 would be a way to signify a new beginning and to make the public understand that its OS has evolved well since 2015, and the brand would thus end with the figures, the “service” side would then be more marked in the consciousness of users. The a priori response on June 24.