Meizu is not very grateful to fans for their loyalty

12 years – that is how many years Meizu M8 has been alive and well for four owners

Almost every smartphone manufacturer has its own fans and haters. Naturally, many are trying to convert the latter into fans, and fans are protected and appeased in every possible way. Especially those who have been loyal to the brand and brand products for a long time. The other day, four users received an offer from Meizu for loyalty to her device.

As it turned out, there are four “unique” in China that still use the company’s first smartphone – Meizu M8 in everyday life. And he was born in 2008 and in the first 2 months of sales the company managed to sell 10,000 units. This is an archaic mobile phone with a 3.4-inch screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera and a 1300 mAh rechargeable battery. As it turned out, these capabilities are still enough for four users, because smartphones continue to work properly for 12 years and perform tasks, primarily as a means of communication.

For its part, Meizu has decided to “reward” four stubborn or loyal users. At one time, the Meizu M8 was the flagship device in China and cost $ 351. The company decided to offer the owners of an old smartphone to purchase the flagship Meizu 17 for the same price – $ 351, while its usual price in China is $ 545. And, of course, she hopes that this model will be able to serve faithfully to its owners for the next 10 years.

It’s hard to say that Meizu was particularly generous and loyal to the fans of its first smartphone. Still, the reward would be much more pleasant and weighty if she simply gave the brand new Meizu 17 to her fans. I think that the cost of 4 flagships would not cause irreparable damage to her financial situation. And so, subjectively, she was greedy with a reward.