McDonald’s hacked: hackers stole customer and employee data

It’s McDonald’s turn to experience a hack. The fast-food chain reveals that hackers were able to infiltrate its network and recover various data, both from customers and employees.


Hack targets McDonald’s in several countries
The hackers were able to infiltrate McDonald’s network for a week, before the group spotted the unauthorized access and blocked it. Experts have been hired to investigate this piracy, which notably concerned the United States, South Korea and Taiwan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In a message to its U.S. employees, McDonald’s said hackers were able to access certain business contact information for employees and franchisees, as well as restaurant information, such as seating capacity and the size of play areas. . The company assures that no customer data was stolen in the United States and that the exposed employee data was neither sensitive nor personal. The group advises employees and franchisees to watch out for possible phishing emails and to exercise discretion when asked for information.

On the side of South Korea and Taiwan, the hackers got their hands on the e-mail addresses, phone numbers and delivery addresses of customers. The Korean and Taiwanese branches of McDonald’s have notified regulators of the intrusion. The group also plans to contact its employees in South Africa and Russia because the hackers seem to have been able to access their data.