LG hinted at the emergence of a smartphone with a magnifying screen

At today’s presentation of the new LG Wing, the Korean company has teased the appearance of a new unusual smartphone.

Yesterday LG released its unique LG Wing smartphone with an additional rotary display. But apart from the smartphone itself, attentive viewers have noticed a hint of the release of a possibly even stranger device. It looks like LG is working on a smartphone with a retractable display.

CNET media outlet shared this finding. In the last 13 seconds of LG Wing’s presentation, the digger decided to insert a hint for another device. A short video shows a smartphone with a “chin” that can be pulled out to “see” more of the display. In the video, the device is tilted upward, which makes it very clearly visible that we have a display in front of us without any gaps.


Crown of yesterday’s presentation LG

Currently LG He did not comment on this information in any way, but it is already becoming clear what the company is going to create in its line of experimental devices.

By the way, the idea of ​​such a smartphone is not new – earlier this year another company, TCL, also demonstrated the concept of this form factor. According to TCL, devices with a magnifying display should be much more durable than a “rake” like the Galaxy Fold.

It’s also worth noting that LG has experience with stretching displays. Back in 2019, the company showed a premium TV, the OLED display of which can “twist” inside the case. In addition, new rumors about smartphones with stretching displays are actively circulating from manufacturer to manufacturer.

We are waiting for new information.