James Bond: Dying Can Wait is already available for illegal download

Dying can wait has already been released in some countries and the new James Bond movie has since appeared on illegal download and streaming sites. In France, the film will be released in theaters on October 6.

Already pirated copies of Dying Can Wait on the Internet

James Bond movies are always events at the cinema, with a significant box office worldwide and Dying can wait should be a similar success. In fact, there are already some records in some countries.

In the meantime, some people have decided to film Dying Can Wait and offer CAM versions on illegal download and streaming sites. There are at least two versions circulating according to TorrentFreak. The first one is in English with Dutch subtitles and the second one is dubbed in Hindi.



Both files have advertising with 1XBET and Slotlights appearing. This is common on CAM versions of movies that appear on the Internet.

While Hollywood is usually very concerned about leaks before the film’s release, interest in these pirated copies of James Bond has been relatively modest. This is probably for a good reason, considering the quality. But some Internet users will still jump on them and have a bad visual experience.

A recent survey by MUSO revealed that more pirate users wait for a good quality version than those who download CAM versions.