iPhone 12 mini will be the weakest and smallest iPhone in the iPhone 12 series

iPhone 12 mini performance may be disappointing due to Apple B14 chip

This year the announcement of the next generation iPhone is delayed. The exact release date has not yet been announced and this does not prevent insiders and analysts from putting forward their own versions of the development of events. Among the most frequently heard dates for the alleged presentation of the iPhone 12 is called October 13. Although there are those who believe that Apple is superstitious and are unlikely to arrange the event on the 13th, so they are waiting for the announcement of new products on October 20th.

It is expected that the cohort new products will find a place for the smallest iPhone, which can be called the iPhone 12 mini and it will receive a 5.4-inch screen. If Apple does not break the prices for this model, it has a chance to become the best-selling smartphone of the new series of Apple devices. As a cheapening factor, some call a weaker hardware platform than other representatives of the iPhone 12 line.

So, network whistleblower @MauriQHD claims that Apple has created a mid-range B14 chip. Allegedly, its appearance was the result of the company’s desire to minimize the price tag and offer an affordable model. In fact, they took the Apple A14 Bionic as a basis, but tightened the core frequency. It is possible that the iPhone 12 mini will not be the only smartphone of the company where the new chip will find its use. It may well be installed in the iPhone SE 2020 receiver.