iFixit Disassembled Apple Watch 6 and Saw Notable Improvements

Craftsmen from iFixit conducted a “dissection” of new watches from Apple and showed what “innovation” consists of.

Apple Watch 6 and Watch 6 SE

Just yesterday we told you how the guys from iFixit has taken apart the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Today, the publication has laid out a new “analysis”: the craftsmen laid out the new Apple Watch 6 and discovered many changes compared to the previous generation.

В iFixit took the 44mm version of the Apple Watch 6 with GPS and LTE as a test subject. The first change was a slightly redesigned design: the case opens to the side, not from the top. Opening the device has become a little easier thanks to the fact that Apple removed the Force Touch from the watch. For the same reason, the body has become thinner.

Apple Watch battery capacity increased to 1.17W, up 3.5% compared to Apple Watch 5. Apple also increased the 40mm battery to 1.024W, an 8.5% increase … Apple has also increased the size of the Taptic Engine on the new Apple Watch.

Moreover, iFixit praised Apple for fitting a larger battery and Taptic Engine in a thinner bezel.

As a result, iFixit delivered the Apple Watch 6 the same maintainability rate as the Apple Watch Series 5 – 6 out of 10.

Recall that Apple Watch 6 was unveiled on September 15th. The most notable changes were the oxygen sensor in the blood and new color schemes – in appearance, the device practically does not differ from the previous Apple Watch 5.