Huawei: we’d rather take a step forward and die than step back half a step

Huawei is a fighter and will fight for life. She will continue to build a global ecosystem and is ready to partner with Qualcomm

Yes, this is how Zhang Pingan, President of Huawei Consumer Business Cloud Services, spoke about the company’s future development strategy … He made his statement at a press conference that took place today within the framework of the Huawei Full Connect Conference 2020 forum.

According to the top manager of the company, they are seriously aiming at building your own HMS ecosystem. Huawei has faced tremendous pressure from outside, but it is not going to give up and back down. The goal is to survive. In a short period of time, she managed to unite around her 1.8 million developers around the world, who help her to actively develop HMS. Today there are already about 96 thousand applications integrated into the HMS Core, and the monthly army of active users totals 490 million people. The number of downloads of applications in the period from January to August this year was 261 billion.

When asked if HMS and Hongmeng OS (Harmony OS) will be open to other manufacturers, Zhang Pingan replied that they are open to third parties. Moreover, Huawei is seriously determined to make its ecosystem global and make it the best with the participation of other smart equipment manufacturers. Curiously, he stated that “Huawei is discussing the possibility of cooperation with them.” If the Chinese vendors manage to agree, then we will witness a historic moment – the birth of yet another mobile operating system that can challenge Android with its Google services and applications.

Expectation and hope. According to Huawei chairman Guo Ping, this is the mood that hovers within the walls of Huawei. They focus on incremental progress in their development and the company’s business strategy is based on 4 areas: communications, computing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. He did not hide the fact that the United States managed to deal a tangible and painful blow to them and the established supply chain. But the company intends to use all its resources and partners’ assistance to further grow and develop. Despite all the persecution, they are serious about not losing out on their market leadership.

Among the ways to solve problems, Guo Ping named attracting talented and gifted youth. It is their minds that must help Huawei become stronger and turn sand into castles. US pressure will not slow the pace of the company’s development. As for the chips, they are considering various solutions to the problem. In particular, they are aware that Qualcomm has approached the US government for a license to cooperate with Huawei. If she gets approval, they will happily start using American chips in their devices.

At the moment, Guo Ping could not name the exact number of hardware platforms that the company I managed to buy it before September 15th. According to him, specific figures are still being specified. Recall that earlier in their forecasts, analysts called the figure 8.8 million Kirin 9000, which will have to be used sparingly.