Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro: the first wearable gadget with HongmengOS (HarmonyOS)

HongmengOS (HarmonyOS) in China will be available with HongmengOS

Huawei unveiled last week smart watch Watch GT 2 Pro, which are made of expensive and high-quality materials, and also boast a high level of autonomy and wide functionality. During the release, the company promised that the new product would hit the home market and in Europe in September. And only now it became known that the global and Chinese versions will differ. And they will be distinguished by one important feature.

A chip in the software. Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro will come to the European market with LiteOS preinstalled. But in China, the wearable gadget will be offered with the proprietary operating system HongmengOS (HarmonyOS). And this is the company’s first wearable gadget with a proprietary operating system.


The advent of HongmengOS smartwatches was not a big revelation. The company announced last year its desire to release a smartwatch with a proprietary operating system. And she strictly follows the plan. And next year Huawei promises more products with HongmengOS (HarmonyOS), among which there will be smartphones.

HongmengOS (HarmonyOS) is expected to work with all iOS and Android apps. It will somehow be impossible to block its work from the outside, because it works on the company’s servers. Another thing is that the company will need to build a network of servers, and this is already a serious investment and these costs will somehow need to be recouped.