Hackers attempt to overthrow President of Belarus

Cyber activists known as Belarus Cyber Partisans claim to have hacked almost every server in the Belarusian administration, currently run by Alexander Lukashenko. It is believed to be the largest hacking operation ever against the country.


The results of the presidential elections in August 2020 did indeed create massive demonstrations that the government quickly reprimanded. So far, more than 27,000 people have been arrested and sentenced to heavy prison terms. But cyber activists then launched into a cyber war against the regime.

Hackers are said to be in possession of several incriminating evidence against the regime
Indeed, these cyber activists hacked many servers in the administration of the controversial president. The data obtained would constitute a great deal of evidence of crimes committed by the police. Hackers have discovered that authorities are covering up the true death rate of Covid-19 in the country, but also numerous audio files of recordings of the leaders and the police.

The spokesperson for the hacker group told MIT Technology Review that their goal is to bring the country back to the rule of law and end the regime’s tyranny over the people. The group would be made up of fifteen IT experts, but among them, only four experts would deal with the hacking. The rest would be tasked with sorting and analyzing the hacked data.