Google Workspace takes over from G Suite

Google Workspace takes over from G Suite

G Suite disappears in favor of Google Workspace with the – already – displayed desire of Google to put emphasis on communication and collaboration.

Google Workspace is the new home for meeting Google productivity apps. A succession that is essentially – but not only – a rebranding with a new rigorous brand identity and new logos.

Google Workspace includes applications like Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites but also Meet and others. The gentle evolution is intended to better “ reflect the vision of the product ” and integration into communication and collaboration tools. Gmail and Meet are just one example.

For businesses, the price list for Google Workspace plans does not vary from that of G Suite plans, except for a Business plan More made its appearance. It supplements the Business Starter (formerly Basic), Business Standard (formerly Business) and Enterprise packages.

For Business Plus at € 15.60 per user per month, there is per example more functionality for device management compared to Business Standard and 5TB cloud storage per user (instead of 2TB).

With the arrival of Google Workspace, Google highlights some new features deployed or to come such as the preview of links in Docs, Sheets and Slides, @mentions in a document with a pop-up window for details and suggestions, the creation of documents in Chat rooms, the picture- Meet in-picture in Docs, Sheets and Slides.

This is the end of the desktop as we know it. […] Teams must flourish without meeting in person, protect their time to focus on the most important work and build human connections hands in a new way. […] Google Workspace offers a familiar and fully integrated user experience that helps everyone succeed in this new reality, whether you are in the office, at home, on the front line or in contact with customers “, says Javier Soltero .

Vice President and General Manager of Google Workspace, the man is a former Microsoft where he was mainly responsible for overseeing Outlook. He had also been a manager for Cortana.

Google claims more than 2.6 billion monthly active users for its productivity and collaboration applications, a big figure that takes into account free products and mainstream users. if only with Gmail … it climbs quickly.

For business and paying customers of G Suite – or now Google Workspace – from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals, it’s more than 6 million.